Monday, June 25, 2012

Wiggling. I like that.

My family can't stop watching this video and snorting with laughter.
So, Todd totally did this unconsciously without meaning to go all RDI on Faye, his co-worker's Service Dog in Training.
If you have ever done RDI, a behavioral therapy often used for kids with Autism, you'll crack up.
If not, it's still really cute.

It also (and more importantly for this blog) shows how therapist-speak is burned in our brains --and hearts-- forever.

(Read in Professorial Lecture Voice:)
"This video is a clear yet concise example of the use of Declarative (vs. Imperative) statements which are essential in appropriate Co-Regulation and  Identification of Frame of  Reference.
 Todd does an excellent job with this session: Identify the behavior, make statements not commands, and reference the feeling."
Note that the wiggling will continue until sufficient Cognitive Processing allows successful Impulse Control. This may take several attempts over an extended period of time."

(P.S. We love you Clay.!)